My name is Luke Porter, thanks for taking the time to visit my portfolio, I'm a Utah based photographer and videographer that specializes in contemporary photos and videos to tell the incredible stories of all who will allow me to share in their once in a lifetime experiences.


On our journey through life, memories are created, lives are changed, and intelligence is received, events take place, and emotions are expressed, but where does it all go, where are the memories, the feelings, the expressions of joy? Where are the emotions tied to those significant events?

The essence of a single photo can bring everything back, that's why I love what I do, there is so much emotion that can be attached to a single photo, or a single video.
I capture things that really matter, maybe not to everyone at every time, but there are significant moments in life that need to be captured, that need to be remembered. That's what I strive to do. 
Please, let me know what I can do for you, I would love to work with you.